Algorithms Don’t Make Decisions!

Link to blog here: I’ve written a short(ish) blog for the Digital Societies research at the University of Bristol. This is my first attempt to publicly discuss some of my thoughts on the discussion of algorithms and decision in writing. I have done talks on this before, but this was first time to commit

Co-operative Cloud

A couple of years ago, I was asked to write about co-operative visions of technology. This never led to a publication due to a variety of different reasons. However, I did write a fairly decent draft of a short, ‘popular’ contribution on cloud platforms. I still think this is valid, but I’m not going to

Post-PhD, Reflecting 6 months on

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic has given me some time to reflect on how I have ‘performed’, how ‘successful’ and ‘productive’ I have been in the time since I had a fully complete thesis and I have passed the viva (it is actually 7 months since I completed the viva). Below are some reflections on

Talk at King’s College London – November 7 – Deciding on Choice: Cybersecurity, Politics and (Cyber)War

I am speaking on November 7 2019 at KCL’s Cyber Security Research Group at their Strand Campus, London. I am going to be substantively developing on my doctoral research on malware to complement it with a broader appreciation of other computational ‘materialities’ and my critiques of ‘artificial intelligence’. In order to do so I will

Reflections on Data’s Dirty Tricks: The case of ‘value’

Last week, Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment’s Political Worlds research cluster (thanks for funding the event!) hosted an event I and several others organised around ‘data’s dirty tricks’. As chair, I had no idea what each panellist was going to speak on, which made it both a challenge and equally thought provoking – more information