Welcome to my personal site!

I am an academic in cybersecurity; currently exploring secure software development practice, offensive cyber operations, and computational agency (including machine learning and AI). I have a wide and intersectional interest in the social sciences, (post)colonial studies, and computer science, that help inform my thinking in security and computation (hence the name of this website and blog).

In October 2020, I will be starting a 3-year Addison Wheeler Research Fellowship at Durham University in the UK. I will be exploring the interface between decision, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, criss-crossing geography, international relations, critical security studies, and computer science. For more information see my post announcing my fellowship here.

My current academic position is in the Bristol Cyber Security Group at the University of Bristol, where I am a Research Associate (PostDoc) on the project Software Developers’ Everyday Practices: Exploring How Security ‘Works’. I also hold a simultaneous Research Affiliate position at the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs at the University of Oxford.

Outside of formal academic appointments, I am an editor of the academic journal, Digital Geography and Society, I sit on the Steering Committee for the Offensive Cyber Working Group, and contribute to various areas of cybersecurity debate through engagement with the media. Between January and June 2019, I was a visiting fellow at the German Dynamics of Security collaborative research centre and I completed my DPhil (PhD) in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford in October 2019.

You can also find me on Twitter @DrAndrewDwyer or contact me via my Bristol email at andrew[.]dwyer[at]bristol[dot]ac[dot]uk.