Algorithms Don’t Make Decisions!

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I’ve written a short(ish) blog for the Digital Societies research at the University of Bristol. This is my first attempt to publicly discuss some of my thoughts on the discussion of algorithms and decision in writing. I have done talks on this before, but this was first time to commit before I submit an article which is now in draft submission form on the topic.

I hope people enjoy it, and I would love any critical feedback on some of the directions of where this leads. The role of the difference of (re)cognition and the distinction between choice and decision were some of the most heated of my thesis viva – and one which I thought was important to maintain and develop further (which I have now done).

The core of this develops on the various works of Louise Amoore and N. Katherine Hayles (which have been important thinkers throughout my PhD) – and I hope to further their thinking together along with many others including Luciana Parisi, Beatrice Fazi, and more.

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