Algorithms Don’t Make Decisions!

Link to blog here: I’ve written a short(ish) blog for the Digital Societies research at the University of Bristol. This is my first attempt to publicly discuss some of my thoughts on the discussion of algorithms and decision in writing. I have done talks on this before, but this was first time to commit

Co-operative Cloud

A couple of years ago, I was asked to write about co-operative visions of technology. This never led to a publication due to a variety of different reasons. However, I did write a fairly decent draft of a short, ‘popular’ contribution on cloud platforms. I still think this is valid, but I’m not going to

Post-PhD, Reflecting 6 months on

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic has given me some time to reflect on how I have ‘performed’, how ‘successful’ and ‘productive’ I have been in the time since I had a fully complete thesis and I have passed the viva (it is actually 7 months since I completed the viva). Below are some reflections on

Robots Should (Not) be Viruses

Last week, I was introduced to a conversation by Pip Thornton (@Pip__T) that was initiated by David Gunkel on Twitter, where he was taking a suggestion from Noel Sharkey on whether robots should be classified as viruses (see the tweet below). As I have been focusing on ‘computer viruses’ as part of my PhD on

Strava, Sweat, Security

Wearable tech, the ability to share your fitness stats, suggest routes, follow them, and so on have been a growing feature of (certain) everyday lifestyles. This ability to share how the body moves, performs, and expresses itself gives many people much satisfaction. One of the popular methods is through Strava which is primarily used by runners

Do cybersecurity objects matter?

For anyone who has been following my twitter will realise I have been writing about malware as objects. This seems like a fundamentally weird and albeit useless thing to do (and one I have wondered myself). Yet thinking of objects as something that matter in cybersecurity is essential. This is a question I posed myself: can

Evernote – Data Protection Woes…

Unfortunately, Evernote cannot be used for any personal or confidential information it seems if you’re from the EU. As I was wading through the required confidentiality and data protection required for my DPhil fieldwork, I had to really dig around to find out what the University’s (that is Oxford’s) policy on cloud storage. It appears