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#FutureFest #DiploHack

Over the past couple of weeks I have been fairly busy completing the end of my taught courses at the Cyber Security CDT and moving onto more substantive research (look for updates here as I post about it!). So a couple of events that have happened…


This was organised by Nesta (an innovation charity) on 14th/15th March. Luckily I received a free guest ticket from Professor Ian Brown – so thanks for that! This was an exceptional event – where I asked a couple of questions on the future of UK party politics – and had a direct chat with Natalie Bennett (Leader of the England & Wales Green Party). I also had some great 3D printed chocolate and some ‘future’ alcohol shots that varied from delicious to repulsive. It was a great day and would encourage anyone to attend a similar thing!

I even got a clip on blockchain referring to Bitcoin (I’m not sure I completely agree with what I agree with what I said but hey ho)

There were also loads of other great stuff – including seeing my face on a robot…


So, this was an international competition to generate policy solutions against a cyberattack against a poor state in South-East Asia. It involved 3 U.S. universities (Georgetown, George Washington and Maryland) and 3 European (Oxford (the UK), Leiden Delft (the Netherlands) and Chair Castex (France)). It was organised by CSIS – more information here.

I was a member of the Oxford team that represented between us 6 countries and 4 continents (there were only 8 of us!). It was an absolutely great day that included a fire alarm 5 mins in….

That led to the ‘Zambonian Opportunity’ in the final presentation after a long two-days to deliver the product. I was so happy with everyone on the team. An absolutely amazing job! Here’s me via VTC in Washington DC (just).

Anyway that’s been my past couple of weeks – quite a lot of fun!

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