Future of UK Cyber Security Research

Over the Christmas period and New Year of 2020 (what a different world back then!) I spent (at least) two months pulling together data on research spending in ‘cyber security’ across France, Germany, Israel, Singapore, the USA and the UK. This was done with another then research associate in the Bristol Cyber Security Group, Brit

ISA 2017 – Modular Performances of Security

It’s great to be on board for the ISA 2017 Annual Convention in Baltimore. I thought I would drop my abstract below for this, where I’m exploring the object as a way to think around malware and its implications for cybersecurity and a malware politics. Malicious Modulation: Collusions of a Laboratory¬† Malicious software, often referred

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The next year…

As I am going to be busy on fieldwork over the next year, I have decided to limit where I am going to be and focus on doing some ethnographic research. This means I will only be taking on limited activities outside of my core PhD. Thus, I have taken on more requests in the

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