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Durham Moving Together Postgraduate Conference

I will be presenting at the Durham conference on May 4 2016 with the paper: W32.Stuxnet: An Olympic Games. Sprinting, jumping, throwing, shooting, running, leaping.   Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)? Seimens SIMATIC Step 7 Industrial Control Software? Yes… Next Step.   Welcome to the most wonderful of Olympic Games. A brilliant new, sophisticated cyber […]

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The in(dividual)

Yesterday I went to a reading group within cyber security, and we talked about an interesting paper that was in Science January this year, called “Unique in the shopping mall: on the reidentifiability of credit card metadata” (paid subscription required). Though we talked about several of the issues with the paper and the reason for its […]

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Uncertainty: A Critique

Luciano Floridi has recently written on uncertainty in a short editorial on conditions of ‘uncertainty’ within information theory in Philosophy & Technology (the article is currently available free here) with which I have a problem with. Although I agree with the principles outlined in his piece, I believe there is an assumption explicit within its execution. This […]