Frankenstein 2.0: Blog 3

I’ve been slowly working away at the bot since the last post a couple of weeks ago. Although there has been little ‘concrete’ progress; in terms of thinking and practicing the techniques that the bot will be using, it was a very good couple of weeks. I’ve focused on two main things: 1) on making

Frankenstein 2.0: Blog 2

I’ve taken some time off over the Christmas break and I’m now dedicating a whole work day per week to this project. Today has been somewhat both slow and also good for the progress of the project for someone who has never built any sort of explicit speech bot. As I said on my first

Frankenstein 2.0: Blog 1

I am going to be doing a series of blog posts as part of a reflection on a project I am working with Hayden Lorimer and Pip Thornton, both at the University of Edinburgh. This is an Human Data Interaction-funded project (see more information here), “Spoken Word Data: Artistic Interventions in the Everyday Spaces of