New Year, New Me

So, this year will hopefully be the one where I gain a driving licence, pass the DPhil, and at least have a clear idea of what I intend to do in 2019 (if not already doing it).

One of my resolutions is to start writing blog posts alongside the writing of my thesis chapters, as a way to start to digest the astounding amount of stuff I have collected over the past 27 months. However, I am aware of recent turns and troubles of releasing information too early, for this then to be published by someone else. Although rather depressing that this happens – it does, and one should be aware of it (especially as an early career researcher). This will also tie in with another resolution to keep a diary of my broader life alongside the ‘day-job’. I kept one throughout all of my authethnographic research, and it is has been equally enthralling and disturbing reading of the banality of one’s life. Yet the usefulness of being able to keep a record of what I believe will be an interesting 2018, I believe, warrants the time and attention it requires.

I’m not exactly sure how these will play out, but this is so that I can express some thoughts that may never go into papers in their full form, or may inform other bits that I am writing. Because, in all honesty, much work never rises to a point of publication – not because of quality, but often of time and interest. Then there is a more cynical reason that I need to be able to demonstrate thinking beyond malware, that shows my versatility as a researcher. These two objectives are complimentary, and can be enjoyable, even if a thrust of one goes against what I would like to admit to myself. So I look forward to the rest of this year, and intend to leave some insightful comments and points along the way for anyone interested. I think my January post will likely revolve around something on the ‘Ecological Thought’, and its implications for cybersecurity.

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