International Encyclopedia of Human Geography – Cyber Security Entry

Nat O’Grady asked me a while ago to contribute to a new section in the recently released ‘International Encyclopedia of Human Geography 2e [2nd Edition]’ on ‘Cyber Security’. This was an interesting challenge, as there is relatively little written in human geography on cybersecurity – perhaps due to its connection with ‘cyberspace’.

Indeed, when writing something new, there is a lot of scope to outline potential avenues. We started initially with alternatives ideas of what ‘cyber security’ is and could be. This tension may be apparent in the text, and I think is a productive one. We tried to be broad enough to incorporate perspectives not typically associated with cybersecurity, yet contained enough to maintain some ‘bounds’.

Hopefully we have achieved some balance. I’m sure we have missed some perspectives, or not focused on others enough. However, I think it is a good start on understanding what geography’s contributions to cybersecurity are, and what they could be in the future.

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