Papers and Notes

This is a collection of unedited versions of the talks that I give, including links to any papers I have written. My talk notes are often not edited to perfection, and I do not often use all the material that is written, and often embellish according to the audience on the day, cutting and adding according to what has been previously discussed. So, please be aware, unless you were there, this is not a complete account of my thinking.


Dwyer, A. (2015). UK Academic Cyber Security Research: Best Practice for Commercialisation. University of Oxford. Available here.


Dwyer, A. (2015). ‘Future Fossils: The Pacemaker’. [Online] Society and Space (Open Site). Available at


NextGen@ICANN – ICANN56, Helsinki, July 2016

Presentation: A Model for Future Security Cooperation: ICANN and the Conficker Working Group

Slides available.

Speakers’ Corner – ThoughtWorks, London, June 2016

Presentation: Data Colonialism?

Slides available.

Living with Algorithms – Royal Holloway, University of London, June 2016

Presentation: The Kiss of Death: An Algorithmic Curse. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions I cannot provide any further details on this. However the conference programme is here.

Moving Together – Durham University, May 2016

Presentation: W32.Stuxnet: An Olympic Games.

Slides and notes available.

Cybersec Early Career Symposium – University of Oxford, September 2015

Presentation: Diffusing (Cyber) Security Atmospheres: Implantable Medical Devices.

Slides available.

RGS-IBG Annual International Conference: Future Fossils – September 2015

Presentation: The Pacemaker: Tracing Cyber (Re)Territorialisations.

Slides and notes available.