Welcome to my personal site, which hosts a blog, links to other profile pages, and an overview of research and the products of this.

I am a Cyber Security DPhil (PhD) student at the University of Oxford, based at the university’s School of Geography and the Environment. I came to Oxford, and remain part of, theĀ Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security, as part of cohort of individuals from a range of disciplines including computer science, mathematics, international relations, along with mine in geography. I am supervised by Dr Beth Greenhough and Professor Derek McCormack who expertly help me through this process.

My research is explicitly on the study of malicious software. In particular, on what I argue needs to be anĀ ecological approach to malware. This draws on a range of case studies, an (auto)ethnographic engagement in a malware research lab, and insight to how social theory may aid in our comprehension of something that exceeds a technical and/or societal approach. Read more here.

In addition to the work around my DPhil, I have been a research assistant on the Good Germs, Bad Germs project, taken part in data walks, and being an assistant in classes in both geography and computer science within the university.