IMG_1164Welcome to my personal site, where I offer some thoughts concerning cybersecurity, geography, philosophy and which may pick up my interest.  I am a cybersecurity geographer – sitting at often awkward, but productive juxtapositions in discussions between academic disciplines. I am reading for a DPhil (PhD) in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security. In contrast to many of my colleagues in Computer Science, I am based in the School of Geography and the Environment with my supervisors, Dr Beth Greenhough and Professor Derek McCormack. Broadly my work concerns how humans and malicious software come to be known through tracing movement, encounter and (human) curation in a malware ecology. This works aims to walk the tightrope between technical analysis, ethnographic research and philosophical insights.

In addition to the work around my DPhil, I have broader interests in leftist thought, questions around privacy and surveillance, and how we address higher education in our current epoch. I am also a research assistant on the Good Germs, Bad Germs project based at the School of Geography and Environment at Oxford. This investigates how we understand the kitchen biome through a participatory experimental setup.